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Be aware - Delegates learn how to recognise and deal with potential threats around them.

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You need employees who perform at all times, focused on the tasks in hand. Uncertainty about their abilities and anxiety about their personal safety can impact on their performance.

Pilgrims Group offers bespoke training to cover your needs and those of your workforce.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are fully prepared for the threats they may encounter, individually and as a team, and that they are equipped with the appropriate tools and know-how. This can only be achieved through expert training.

Working with you, we conduct a training needs analysis, based on your operation's location, your expectations, and your team's individual motivations and abilities. From here we design your course. The course structure and training packages are carefully planned to ensure that clear objectives are met. Once candidates have completed the course, its suitability is reviewed, updated and developed, as required.

Pilgrims Group follows industry best practice in the development and delivery of its courses. We strive to ensure that our experts are the best in their field, bringing with them the very latest thinking in their skill's area. We are the acknowledged leaders in Hostile Environment training and we apply our experience at this level through all our courses, to give you the confidence you need.

Our training courses are not only bespoke, but also flexible, being run either in our excellent training facilities in the UK and US or from a location of your choosing, and at very short notice.

Pilgrims Group has access to military and naval training sites across the UK and US. Our main centres are in Surrey, UK, and Virginia, USA, but we are able to select facilities elsewhere if these are more appropriate for a client's purposes.

Over the last two years, Pilgrims Group has provided training at locations in South America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Russia, Australasia, the USA and the UK.

If required, we can adapt our courses to be delivered anywhere, including in our clients' offices. Our courses are modular and can be quickly tailored to meet changes in location, facilities and time available.

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