When your business operates globally, you need to make decisions based on the best information and advice.

Accurate, timely and relevant information about the threats in the world today is an essential requirement for corporate security and for risk managers charged with mitigating the risks to their corporations, their staff and their shareholders.

Pilgrims gives all levels of staff within your organisation the knowledge they need to prepare themselves and your business for everything from, business travel to in-country operations (both at the operational and strategic level) as well all threats pertaining to terrorism, crime, political and economic stability.

Pilgrims provides information services to clients in the energy, engineering, construction, defence, pharmaceutical, financial services, insurance and media sectors. We meet their needs through a suite of accurate, timely and relevant information and intelligence products designed to address directly the questions and requirements of corporate clients. We make information available through our online subscription services or through bespoke research and analysis.

Information to Intelligence

Pilgrims is not merely an information aggregator, reformatting open source information and reissuing it to clients. We turn raw information into actionable intelligence that can be used to help you protect your people, assets, information and reputation.

The number of information sources and delivery channels is increasing all the time: from the burgeoning number of 24-hour news channels, web-based resources and blogs to newspapers and freely available government-sponsored information portals such as the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The vast quantity of information available requires expert analysis and handling, and end users have to be more discerning and questioning of their information sources than ever before.

We review thousands of these sources of information every month on behalf of our clients, assessing the reliability and accuracy, not only of the source itself, but of the information they are providing. We also commission our own bespoke research and analysis, undertake our own collection operations and gain first-hand insights from our offices and teams around the globe, all of which feeds into our operations centre, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our team of intelligence analysts collate, cross-reference and analyse this raw information, adding context and expert comment to deliver intelligence reporting that supports the corporate decision-making process. End users can thus be confident that they have the best information and intelligence available to help protect their people and business interests.

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